Microgaming made a gigantic historical contribution in the gambling industry in 1994 when it introduced the first-ever online casino software. In the subsequent years, it started licensing virtual betting houses and making great innovations in the market. Today, it has become very popular in the internet gaming industry powering a huge number of operators that offer electronic gaming. Here, we are going to take a look at Microgaming casino achievements and their unique features

Overview Microgaming Achievements


Since the introduction of its first online casino software, Microgaming has continued to add value to the gaming industry and improve the gambling experience of customers in a number of ways. The company has made some recognizable and commendable efforts in the industry. Besides pioneering the internet casino, the company has set the pace through its numerous achievements and innovation

They made some achievements when it comes to fighting corruption in the industry. A few years after launching their first software, they set up the Interactive Gaming Council to regulate operator’s activities and prevent them from exploiting their customers. They have improved on regulations with the introduction of a number of bodies to ensure there is the security of funds, compliance to privacy policy and fairness in the relationship of casinos and their clients. A typical example of such a regulatory body put in place by the company is e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

Microgaming has also distinguished itself in the area of customer satisfaction. They have made innovations that added value to the gamblers improving their thrilling experience an opportunity to make huge earning. Such achievements include the introduction of the first-ever progressive jackpot slot machine, the first mobile gambling software, the first 3D slot for mobile players, Quickfire platform, live dealer casino, and others

The achievements of Microgaming in the industry has been acknowledged by stakeholders in the market. This finds expression in the numerous awards they have received.

Microgaming Casinos Unique Features

Microgaming is the choice of many online gambling establishments across many jurisdictions even though they are headquartered in Isle of Man of the United Kingdom. Microgaming casinos have some features that make them unique. Here are some of the distinguishing attributes of Microgaming casinos

Large Gaming Selections

Gamblers wagering on action houses powered by Microgaming have a large number of games to choose from. They offer different kinds of interesting table and card games including roulette, blackjack, pokies, live dealer, scratch cards, slot games, and others. Today, it is possible for players to choose games from multiple platforms thanks to Quickfire technology

Customizable Games

Microgaming casinos offer games that are customizable. This means that a player can personalize some of the features of their plays such as sound, speed, visual effect and others. When you don’t want to sit in front of your computer to bet but you want to try your luck in a game, there is no problem. Their games come with an auto-play function which makes it possible for your system to do the play for you within the period you set it for

Multiple Operating Systems and Platforms


Another distinguishing feature of Microgaming casinos is that their games are available for different operating systems including Windows and Mac Operating System. This means that no matter the operating system you have, you will still be able to play their games. Microgaming casinos’ games are also accessible through different kinds of devices. There are game versions for PC users as well as mobile games. The introduction of the casino mobile network means that customers can have a thrill or try their luck from a different location. One no longer needs to be at home or in a place in other to wager. They can now place a bet while on the go on their mobile devices

Real money and Free Plays

Microgaming casinos offer players the opportunity to have a thrill for free and play with real money to stand a chance of winning. Once you have an account and fund it, you can start playing for real money if you are confident in your skills. However, there are always demo games for clients to use to try their wagering strategies or to learn how to play the actual games. Besides, gambling sites powered by Microgaming offer bonuses in the form of free plays to give subscribers more chances of winning without risking their money.

Multiple Playing Software

Microgaming offers both download and instant play software. With the former, you download the games in your system and wager when you want. For the web play also known as instant flash or in-browse play, players bet directly online from the website of the operator they are using. Each of these choices has its pros and cons. It is up to the players to choose any that suits them. Nowadays, there is a third choice, namely, the dedicated apps. Games are accessed through these apps. This type doesn’t have a huge game selection

24/7 Support services

Microgaming casinos provide quality support services including technical support to their clients. A huge number of websites operating with Microgaming casino software provides 24/7 customer care service as their site is always on for clients to have a thrill at any time of their choice

Other features

• Secure platforms; • Multiple banking options and different means of payment (one can now pay by phone); • Community games/forums (which allow interactions among players) and tournaments