PULS4 interviews We Are Change Rotterdam @Bilderberg2015

We Are Change Rotterdam interviewed by Austrian mainstream media! Questions indicate that knowledge of the Bilderberg Conferences is very limited; “what is decided” and “what are you scared for”. Interview in front of the main entrance of the Bilderberg Conference in Telfs, Austria, 11 June 2015

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Interview Bilderberg Police Press Officer

We Are Change Rotterdam interviewed Bilderberg Police Press Officer Christoph Hundertpfund. We were wondering if everybody says the Bilderberg is not so important why does it have so much and such expensive security? Why not do this on an aircraft-carrier? Interview in front of the main entrance of the Bilderberg Conference in Telfs, Austria, 11 June 2015


“We have the power, you are nothing” #Bilderberg2015

In front of the main entrance of the Interalpen Hotel at Bilderberg 2015 We Are Change Rotterdam talked to this experienced couple. We talked about the costs that are involved and their experience with the police.

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Journalists secretly approach Bilderberg 2015

For more of our productions click on the Youtube-link in menu! (From Monday 15 June 2015 we will post all our G-7/Bilderberg productions here…)

Just before the Bilderberg meeting starts off We Are Change Rotterdam took a risk and approached the Interalpen Hotel by foot. We got exclusive footage of the Interalpen Hotel from approx. 1000 meters height. Despite the fact that these woods were heavily patrolled we managed to accomplish our mission. We walked over 2 miles of restricted area to get out.



Max Igan: “Nobody has any auhority over you”

We Are Change Rotterdam meets Max Igan at the March Against Monsanto & TTIP in Amsterdam. Max talks about MAM, TTIP and conspiracies; but more importantly how to organise against this in his Full Circle Project.

More Max Igan: www.thecrowhouse.com



March Against Monsanto & TTIP Amsterdam 2015

WeAreChangeRotterdam doet verslag van de March Against Monsanto in Amsterdam met sfeershots, interviews en impressies van toespraken van Ewald Engelen (UvA), Tosca Flora (Groene Liefde en Permacultuurcentrum Haarlem), Lot van Baaren (FNV) en Geert Ritsema (Milieudefensie). De Dam, zaterdag 23 mei 2015.