Journalists secretly approach Bilderberg 2015

Just before the Bilderberg meeting starts off We Are Change Rotterdam took a risk and approached the Interalpen Hotel by foot. We got exclusive footage of the Interalpen Hotel from approx. 1000 meters height. Despite the fact that these woods were heavily patrolled we managed to accomplish our mission. We walked over 2 miles of restricted area to get out.


G7; What we found afterwards in Schloss Elmau

Just 3 hours after the G7 left Schloss Elmau we inspected the venue. We found the ‘left-overs’ of the Conference while people were cleaning up. We were surprised that we found the floodlights of the concert still burning and wondered about the sincerity of the G7 concerning climate change.


Independent Media covers Bilderberg 2015

During the G7 in Elmau (June 2015) We Are Change Rotterdam discussed the lack of interest in the upcoming Bilderberg conference of the MSM with other independent journalists. Interview with Dan Dicks (Press for Truth), Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change NY) and Marco Verheij (We Are Change Rotterdam)


PULS4 interviews We Are Change Rotterdam @Bilderberg2015

We Are Change Rotterdam interviewed by Austrian mainstream media! Questions indicate that knowledge of the Bilderberg Conferences is very limited; “what is decided” and “what are you scared for”. Interview in front of the main entrance of the Bilderberg Conference in Telfs, Austria, 11 June 2015

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Interview Bilderberg Police Press Officer

We Are Change Rotterdam interviewed Bilderberg Police Press Officer Christoph Hundertpfund. We were wondering if everybody says the Bilderberg is not so important why does it have so much and such expensive security? Why not do this on an aircraft-carrier? Interview in front of the main entrance of the Bilderberg Conference in Telfs, Austria, 11 June 2015


“We have the power, you are nothing” #Bilderberg2015

In front of the main entrance of the Interalpen Hotel at Bilderberg 2015 We Are Change Rotterdam talked to this experienced couple. We talked about the costs that are involved and their experience with the police.

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