Despite the safety precautions , the green curtains and hundreds plants, we had a great view of the arrival of most of the Bilderberg participants!

Unknowns are marked * with M(ale) and F(emnale). Let us know who you think the * are! 02:16 Schmidt, Eric E. (USA), Technical Advisor, Alphabet Inc. 04:08 Shafik, Minouche (GBR), Director, The London School of Economics and Political Science 04:08 * F 04:08 * M 04:41 Castries, Henri de (FRA), Chairman, Steering Committee; Chairman, Institut Montaigne 04:57 * M 05:03 Adonis, Andrew (GBR), Member, House of Lords 05:14 Arbour, Louise (CAN), UN Special Representative for International Migration 05:26 Sabia, Michael (CAN), President and CEO, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec 05:36 Lund, Helge (GBR), Chairman, BP plc; Chairman, Novo Nordisk AS 05:52 Brandtzæg, Svein Richard (NOR), Chairman, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 05:56 Seres, Silvija (NOR), Independent Investor 06:08 Papalexopoulos, Dimitri (GRC), CEO, TITAN Cement Company S.A. 06:20 Sitti, Metin (TUR), Professor, Koç University; Director, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems 06:27 Kristersson, Ulf (SWE), Leader of the Moderate Party 06:34 Mazur, Sara (SWE), Director, Investor AB 06:58 * F 07:20 Monzón, Javier (ESP), Chairman, PRISA 07:20 * M 07:54 Hedegaard, Connie (DNK), Chair, KR Foundation; Former European Commissioner 08:15 Kudelski, André (CHE), Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group 08:53 Croiset van Uchelen, Arnold (NLD), Partner, Allen & Overy LLP 09:08 Brende, Børge (NOR), President, World Economic Forum 09:55 Kissinger, Henry A. (USA), Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc. 10:42 Altman, Roger C. (USA), Founder and Senior Chairman, Evercore 10:58 Koç, Ömer (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding A.S. 12:31 * M 12:57 Grant, Adam M. (USA), Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 14:18 * M 14:47 Karp, Alex (USA), CEO, Palantir Technologies 16:00 * M 16:07 Buberl, Thomas (FRA), CEO, AXA 16:48 * F 17:24 Thiel, Peter (USA), President, Thiel Capital 17:25 * F 17:52 Koç, Ömer (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding A.S. 18:06 Barbot, Estela (PRT), Member of the Board and Audit Committee, REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais) 18:15 Carney, Mark J. (GBR), Governor, Bank of England 18:16 Buitenweg, Kathalijne (NLD), MP, Green Party 18:44 Liikanen, Erkki (FIN), Chairman, IFRS Trustees; Helsinki Graduate School of Economics 18:44 Beaune, Clément (FRA), Adviser Europe and G20, Office of the President of the Republic of France 19:18 O’Leary, Michael (IRL), CEO, Ryanair D.A.C. 19:47 Nora, Dominique (FRA), Managing Editor, L’Obs 20:03 Solhjell, Bård Vegar (NOR), CEO, WWF – Norway 20:51 Gruber, Lilli (ITA), Editor-in-Chief and Anchor “Otto e mezzo”, La7 TV 21:16 Renzi, Matteo (ITA), Former Prime Minister; Senator, Senate of the Italian Republic 21:48 Achleitner, Paul M. (DEU), Treasurer Foundation Bilderberg Meetings; Chairman Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG 22:16 Medina, Fernando (PRT), Mayor of Lisbon 22:16 Minton Beddoes, Zanny (GBR), Editor-in-Chief, The Economist 22:16 Barroso, José Manuel (PRT), Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; Former President, European Commission 22:39 Sawers, John (GBR), Executive Chairman, Newbridge Advisory 23:04 Leysen, Thomas (BEL), Chairman, KBC Group and Umicore 23:22 Koç, Ömer (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding A.S. 23:30 Jost, Sonja (DEU), CEO, DexLeChem 23:30 Döpfner, Mathias (DEU), Chairman and CEO, Axel Springer SE 23:42 * M 23:47 Thiam, Tidjane (CHE), CEO, Credit Suisse Group AG 24:03 * M 24:03 * F 24:03 Vestergaard Knudsen, Ulrik (DNK), Deputy Secretary-General, OECD 24:35 Caine, Patrice (FRA), Chairman and CEO, Thales Group 24:47 * M 24:54 McArdle, Megan (USA), Columnist, The Washington Post 25:06 Adonis, Andrew (GBR), Member, House of Lords 25:19 Teuteberg, Linda (DEU), General Secretary, Free Democratic Party 25:45 * F 25:58 Netherlands, His Majesty the King of the (NLD) 25:58 Rutte, Mark (NLD), Prime Minister 26:44 Fleming, Jeremy (GBR), Director, British Government Communications Headquarters 26:58 Krastev, Ivan (BUL), Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies 27:02 Wolf, Martin H. (GBR), Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times 27:16 Hoffmann, André (CHE), Vice-Chairman, Roche Holding Ltd. 27:38 Zetsche, Dieter (DEU), Former Chairman, Daimler AG 27:53 Maurer, Ueli (CHE), President of the Swiss Federation and Federal Councillor of Finance 28:22 Petraeus, David H. (USA), Chairman, KKR Global Institute 28:22 Findsen, Lars (DNK), Director, Danish Defence Intelligence Service 28:22 Snyder, Timothy (USA), Richard C. Levin Professor of History, Yale University 29:16 Hoffman, Reid (USA), Co-Founder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Partners 29:38 Henry, Mary Kay (USA), International President, Service Employees International Union