On 11 September 2001, the world was shocked. It proved to be a milestone in history. Suddenly we were “at war”; a ‘war on terror’ we were told that proved to be endless and hopeless. Fifteen years after the event, this ‘WeAreChange.NL’ documentary challenges your ability “to see what you see” and invites you to critically re-examine and take responsibility accordingly regarding the impact of 9/11 on our lives. We let activists, journalists, scientists, people in the street, and critics reflect on the initial events and its ramifications in the present.

A special thanks to all contributors:
Coen Vermeeren | aerospace engineer (NLD) http://coenvermeeren.nl/
Luke Rudkowski | indepent journalist (USA) http://wearechange.org/
Ian R Crane | independent researcher (ENG) http://ianrcrane.com/
Richard Gage | architect (USA) www.ae911truth.org/
Ole Dammegård | independent reseracher (DNK) http://lightonconspiracies.com/
Max Igan | independent reseracher (AUS) http://www.thecrowhouse.com/
Zen Gardner (USA) –
Graham Phillips | indepent journalist (ENG) https://thetruthspeaker.co/

Theme tune: Wouter de Ridder
Visuals: Matthijs van Baardewijk

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In our documentary we used the folowing sources:

YouTube video’s:
_September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor_ – Full version (1_3)
_September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor_ – Full version (2_3)
_September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor_ – Full version (3_3)
A 9_11 Coincidence Involving Airplanes And Air Force Bases
10 Disturbing 9_11 Facts
Holland reflects on 911. What about building 7_
9_11 Unsolved – Part 1
9_11 TU Delft 16 April Richard Gage – Elma Drayer NL
1. Gen. Wesley Clark, Democracy Now! interview, 2007
VARA Francisco van Jole u0026 de eeuwig leugenachtige Mainstream NWO Media
Elma Drayer over complotdenkers en 11_9
The Official ReThink911 Video
30-Second Reel of Building 7 Collapse Footage
The sound of the twin tower collapses
WTC Second Crash & Towers Collapsing
Twin Towers Collapse
911 South and North Tower collapse collapses
Asch’s Conformity
Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK
Banned TED Talk_ The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel
WW3: The Fear Mongering Propaganda Machine
CIA Director John Brennan on ISIS and Global Threats at CSIS
Kurzgesagt: Safe and Sorry – Terrorism & Mass Surveillance
RT: Assange on mass surveillance: ‘You are all screwed!’
ABC News: Extreme Airport Security
Fora.TV: Thomas Drake: ‘9/11 Became a Profit Center’ for the NSA
The Big Brother State
With Us or Against Us
CNN News: Muslims dancing & celebrating after hearing about 9/11
Kirk Roa: The Social and Economic effects of 9/11
RTL Nieuws: Ondanks bedreigingen geen extra beveiliging moskee
9/11 Anti-Mosque Protest at Ground Zero
9_11 PREDICTED 2001 by Bill Cooper – Full Prediction in HQ
911 TRUTH CANNOT BE STOPPED! – Sept 11, 2009 New York City
CONSPIRITUS 9_11- Irrefutable Evidence for the Demolitons
Here’s a good 3 min 911 Clip worth seeing!
Hoe tolerant zijn moslims ten opzichte van Christenen.
Municipality of Rotterdam – CCTV (closed-circuit television) and public security(1)
The Social and Economic effects of 9_11
They talk, they spin, they lie and they laugh…
Thomas Drake_ ‘9_11 Became a Profit Center’ for the NSA.mp4
WW3_ The Fear Mongering Propaganda Machine
9_11 Anniversary: Behind the 19 Hijackers
9_11 MXL – Not for the faint hearted (Graphic) RIP Never Forget The Fallen
9_11 rare footage
REFUGEES BEHAVIOR – The forced collective suicide of European nations
Watch to the see the future of Europe
State of Surveillance: Police, Privacy and Technology
iraq invasion by the u.s.
Syrië bombarderen_ ‘Wij hebben d’r weinig over te zeggen’
Crazy green laser dot

Lectures, text:
OSHO 110_Satyam_Shivam_Sundram Chapter 26
OSHO 095_The_Path_of_the_Mystic Chapter 16

Lectures, audio:

Pro Publica; What’s the Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much | https://www.propublica.org/article/wh…
PNAC document: Rebuilding America’s Defenses | http://www.informationclearinghouse.i…
Final Report on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers | https://www.nist.gov/engineering-labo…