WeAreChangeRotterdam interviewed Herman van Rompuy, former EU president. We were interested in how he became president in 2009 as he himself said he was not a candidate. On 17 November 2009 the Guardian published an article by Ian Traynor which says: “Van Rompuy met Kissinger at a closed session of international policymakers and industrialists chaired by Viscount Etienne Davignon” We wanted to know more about that. Van Rompuy was also present at the Bilderberg Conference in 2011 (9-12 June) in St. Moritz in Zwitzerland. He was mentioned in the attendee list as: INT – Rompuy, Herman van – President, European Council. What are his thoughts looking back at these sort of meetings? When European tax-payers pay for his declarations can they get some transparency in return?

Nacht van de Rechtstaat, Felix in de Steigers, Amsterdam – 25 November 2015