Bilderberg2018 Participants arrive at Lingotto Agnelli Conspiracy Hotel

Exclusive! It became clear that the secretive Bilderbergers did not want to be filmed while arriving this year. Apparently The Polytecnico di Torino was not part of the whole Bilderberg circus and simply gave us permission to film! On the third floor we put up our camera and had a look around. Having perfect view of the entrance of the hotel we realised we were about to get some exclusive footage! Here is what we saw.

We saw our colleagues keeping an eye on the entrance. When a buss full of riot police arrived they had to put their sticks and helmets away because there was no protest. We saw a lot of security personnel around the building, easily recognised by their red lanyards. Security is provided by the local military and police personel. As with every Bilderberg, they were nervous and fearful of making mistakes. Organisation and staff officially receive Bilderbergers and have blue lanyards. The porters who transport the luggage have green lanyards. People who attend Bilderberg that are not on the participants list have yellow lanyards. Bilderbergers have a white lanyard on their ID card, but when they arrive they usually have no lanyards around their necks yet. In over 4 hours time we caught 43 identified Bilderbergers arriving at the NH Lingotto Hotel.

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In order of appearance (notice some Bilderbergers appear twice):

1. (02.03) Micklethwait, John (USA), Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg LP

2. (02.34) Sawers, John (GBR), Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners

3. (03.11) Horowitz, Michael C. (USA), Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

4. (03.41) Altman, Roger C. (USA), Founder and Senior Chairman, Evercore

5. (03.41) Noonan, Peggy (USA), Author and Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

6. (03.41) Fischer, Stanley (USA), Former Vice-Chairman, Federal Reserve; Former Governor, Bank of Israel

7. (04.09) Kravis, Henry R. (USA), Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, KKR

8. (04.17) Kravis, Marie-Josée (USA), Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute; President, American Friends of Bilderberg

9. (04.40) Cohen, Jared (USA), Founder and CEO, Jigsaw at Alphabet Inc.

10. (05.06) Osborne, George (GBR), Editor, London Evening Standard

11. (05.11) Achleitner, Paul M. (DEU), Chairman Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Treasurer, Foundation Bilderberg Meetings

12. (05.13) Hajdarowicz, Greg (POL), Founder and President, Gremi International Sarl

13. (05.40) O’Neill, Onora (GBR), Emeritus Honorary Professor in Philosophy, University of Cambridge

14. (06.04) Minton Beddoes, Zanny (GBR), Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

15. (06.04) Elkann, John (ITA), Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

7. (06.04) Kravis, Henry R. (USA), Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, KKR

8. (06.04) Kravis, Marie-Josée (USA), Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute; President, American Friends of Bilderberg

16. (08.41) Döpfner, Mathias (DEU), Chairman and CEO, Axel Springer SE

17. (11.28) Champagne, François-Philippe (CAN), Minister of International Trade

18. (12.18) Hoffman, Reid (USA), Co-Founder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Partners

19. (12.26) Leysen, Thomas (BEL), Chairman, KBC Group

20. (12.33) Ferguson, Jr., Roger W. (USA), President and CEO, TIAA

21. (12.50) Skartveit, Hanne (NOR), Political Editor, Verdens Gang

22. (13.01) Scholten, Rudolf (AUT), President, Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue

23. (13.08) Ecker, Andrea (AUT), Secretary General, Office Federal President of Austria

24. (13.12) Rendi-Wagner, Pamela (AUT), MP (SPÖ); Former Minister of Health

25. (13.28) Botín, Ana P. (ESP), Group Executive Chairman, Banco Santander

26. (14.14) Anglade, Dominique (CAN), Deputy Premier of Quebec; Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation

17. (14.33) Champagne, François-Philippe (CAN), Minister of International Trade

27. (14.50) Hobson, Mellody (USA), President, Ariel Investments LLC

28. (15.05) Azoulay, Audrey (INT), Director-General, UNESCO

29. (15.26) Kudelski, André (CHE), Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group

30. (15.45) Barbizet, Patricia (FRA), President, Temaris & Associés

31. (15.50) Blanquer, Jean-Michel (FRA), Minister of National Education, Youth and Community Life

32. (15.53) Émié, Bernard (FRA), Director General, Ministry of the Armed Forces

33. (15.55) Castries, Henri de (FRA), Chairman, Institut Montaigne; Chairman, Steering Committee Bilderberg Meetings

34. (16.04) Sabia, Michael (CAN), President and CEO, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

35. (17.23) Rubesa, Baiba A. (LVA), CEO, RB Rail AS

36. (17.30) Hedegaard, Connie (DNK), Chair, KR Foundation; Former European Commissioner

37. (17.47) Mead, Walter Russell (USA), Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

38. (17.43) Baker, James H. (USA), Director, Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense

10. (18.29) Osborne, George (GBR), Editor, London Evening Standard

39. (18.48) Koç, Ömer M. (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.

15. (20.34) Elkann, John (ITA), Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

40. (20.47) Enders, Thomas (DEU), CEO, Airbus SE

41. (21.07) O’Leary, Michael (IRL), CEO, Ryanair D.A.C.

42. (21.13) Rubin, Robert E. (USA), Co-Chairman Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Treasury Secretary

43. (21.47) Jacobs, Kenneth M. (USA), Chairman and CEO, Lazard


Rutte en Shell samen in Bilderberg achterkamertje #Dividenddeal

Handjeklap in een sjiek achterkamertje? Dat kun je wel over laten aan de de VVD en Shell. De dividenddeal is een aardige illustratie en wekte (terecht) veel verontwaardiging op. Niet in de laatste plaats omdat er overduidelijk andere ‘afspraken’ gelden voor ‘de grote jongens’ dan voor ‘de kleine luyden’. En dat Groningen in navolging van Nigeria en Argentinië ook door Shell (in samenwerking met de overheid en Exxon) in de ellende wordt gestort dringt ook langzaam door tot de gemiddelde burger. Kortom irritatie genoeg maar ook nogal wat voor de hand liggende vragen; Hoe komen dit soort afspraken tot stand, waar ontmoeten dit soort stakeholders zich zonder enige druk van parlementaire democratie of controlerend journaille? U raadt het al, op het jaarlijkse netwerk event op niveau, oftewel de Bilderberg conferentie! Let op; deze beelden kunnen als schokkend worden ervaren….

Bilderberg2018; vertrekkend vanaf vliegveld Turijn (zondag 11juni 2018, beelden van The Conspiracy Cabbie) met; Mark Rutte, Ben van Beurden, Klaas Knot, Victor Halberstadt en Sigrid Kaag:


Bilderbergers sightseeing Turin 2018

WeAreChange.NL caught some Bilderbergers in the centre of Turin on their sightseeing trip on Saturday June 9th 2018. These people pretend to have a private conference but still go onto a public square with state police protecting them from the public and independent journalists. No questions could be asked which makes one wonder about the existence of the free press. After we shot this footage we were detained for half an hour by state police.

Present were (among others):

Applebaum, Anne (POL), Columnist, Washington Post; Professor of Practice, London School of Economics

Barroso, José M. Durão (PRT), Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; Former President, European Commission

Beerli, Christine (CHE), Former Vice-President, International Committee of the Red Cross

Colao, Vittorio (ITA), CEO, Vodafone Group

Hajdarowicz, Greg (POL), Founder and President, Gremi International Sarl

Herlin, Antti (FIN), Chairman, KONE Corporation

Makan, Divesh (USA), CEO, ICONIQ Capital

O’Neill, Onora (GBR), Emeritus Honorary Professor in Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Rubesa, Baiba A. (LVA), CEO, RB Rail AS

Simsek, Mehmet (TUR), Deputy Prime Minister


Jared Cohen arrives at Bilderberg 2018

WeAreChange.NL caught Jared Cohen arriving at Bilderberg 2018. Jared Cohen is currently serving as the CEO of Jigsaw (previously Google Ideas) and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, he served as a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff and as an advisor to Condoleezza Rice and later Hillary Clinton. Initially brought in by Condoleezza Rice as a member of the Policy Planning Staff, he was one of a few staffers that stayed under Hillary Clinton later referenced in an article entitled “Tweeting While Tehran Burns”. He co-authored with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt the bestseller; The New Digital Age: Re-shaping the Future of People, Nations and Business.


Ömer Koç arrives at Bilderberg 2018

WeAreChange.NL caught Ömer Koç arriving at Bilderberg 2018. Mehmet Ömer Koç was born on March 24, 1962, in Ankara as the second son of Rahmi Koç. After working in several posts in the Koç group companies, he is currently chair of the energy group within the holding. Since February 2016, he is the president of Koç Holding.


Looking for the Bilderberg 2018 Press Office

WeAreChange.NL in search of the Biderberg Press Office. Watch how the Bilderberg conference takes over the Lingotto area of Turin. The so called transparency of the Bilderberg Group is shown to be non-existent. The only media that is welcome here are the journalists that do not report on Bilderberg at all.